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Excursion tips on Gran Canaria

You have probably already seen some of the places and sights on Gran Canaria, but perhaps I can still recommend one or two destinations in today's blog entry and encourage you to visit them.
I myself like to visit the interior of the island again and again, be it during the day or at night, and I am always left with fantastic impressions. The starry sky in particular is simply magnificent on Gran Canaria, as there is very little artificial light from towns or villages in the mountains.

I would like to start directly with the famous rock and landmark "Roque Nublo", from Maspalomas you drive by car in about 50 min. via Fataga and Ayacata - once up there you walk from the free car park in about 45 min. along a rustic footpath to the approx. 80 m high rock, which is also called the "Finger of God" by some. The journey there is already very beautiful, which is why I like to come back to the village of "Fataga". You should definitely make a stop here, take a nice walk and explore this Canarian village with small restaurants and cafes.

If you now continue from Roque Nublo on the GC 60 in the direction of "Pico de las Nieves", you will pass the public barbecue areas of "Llanos de la Paz" after about 5 minutes by car, here you could take a short break, I recommend that you then take a 40-minute hike to the impressive rock (with a large hole) and a fantastic view "Ventana del Nublo". Ventana = window, you look like through a window at the Roque Nublo all the way to Tenerife, great photos are guaranteed. Set off from the "Bailico" campsite.

Close by is the already mentioned "Pico de las Nieves" (peak of the snow) with its 1,949 m it is the highest point of the island and also worth a visit. You can enjoy a breathtaking view, if the sky is clear you can see as far as Tenerife with Spain's highest mountain, the "Teide" (3,715 m).
There is a small kiosk at Pico de las Nieves, so drinks and a snack are provided. Of course, you will find various restaurants in the mountains, so you won't have to look far for Spanish tapas and other delicacies. For example, the two restaurants in "Ayacata", in "Cruce de Tejeda" or in "San Bartolomé de Tirajana" etc. should be mentioned.
By the way, I really like the village of "Tejeda", it is peaceful, very well-kept and a great destination for an excursion. I just remembered, if you are interested in restaurant recommendations, please read this blog entry:

In the mountains there are various reservoirs, here you can take beautiful walks and hikes, to name just a few, these five must not be missing from my list:
"Presa de las Nieves","Presa Ayagaures", "Presa de Soria", "Presa de Chira" and "Presa del Mulato". They are located in wonderful nature and between pine forests.

If you have not yet been to "Puerto de Mogán", be sure to visit the pretty village with its small harbour, sandy beach, lovingly decorated houses, many water sports facilities, restaurants and cafés. The tourist submarine "Yellow Submarine" also departs from here, and tours with jet skis, party boats, yachts and luxurious catamarans or sailing boats are also offered. A great view over the roofs of Puerto de Mogán and the Atlantic Ocean is offered by the newly designed viewpoint above the village.

A real highlight for many Gran Canaria holidaymakers, residents or Canarios are the famous "Dunes of Maspalomas", a fantastic natural spectacle and great to see. When crossing the dunes, the designated paths should be used, as it is a nature reserve. You can reach the dunes from Playa del Inglés or from Maspalomas / Meloneras. We recommend a walk from Playa del Inglés to the "Maspalomas Lighthouse". It is best to start about 1.5 hours before sunset, enjoy the tranquillity, the sea and the nature with a subsequent sunset, the distance is about 5 km.

If you take a bus, rental car or taxi from Maspalomas to the island's capital, Las Palmas, with its 380,000 inhabitants, you will certainly not regret it. Las Palmas offers many opportunities for discovery, as Christopher Columbus thought when he set foot on Gran Canaria in 1492. His former home is now known as the Casa de Colón museum and is located in the beautiful old town of Vegueta behind the Santa Ana Cathedral, which is also worth a visit with its viewing platform (with lift). Not everyone is familiar with the city beach "Las Canteras", which is about 6 km long; many compare this sandy beach with the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Countless restaurants, cafes, bars and shops are located along the playa. At the end, the "Auditorio Alfredo Kraus" shines, here lovers of concerts and cultural events get their money's worth. The entrance fees are extremely moderate compared to those in Germany. For many a lady or gentleman, a shopping centre is also a destination, directly opposite the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus you will find the "CC Las Arenas". In the north of Las Palmas, the largest shopping centre of Gran Canaria has been built, it is called "Alisios". While we are on the subject of shopping, I don't want to forget the "Mogán Mall" which opened last year, we like to go there, even if it's just for dinner, it's in Puerto Rico. But if I stay in Las Palmas for a moment, there is still a lot more to discover. For example, the large and newly built aquarium "Poema del Mar", it is located right next to the cruise port and the shopping centre "CC El Muelle". Just opposite you will find the "Elder" Museum of Science and Technology, from where you can walk directly to the "Parque Santa Catalina" with many bars and restaurants. Las Palmas is a university town, it is lively and special, there is always something going on in the small streets around the old town Vegueta and the Triana.

About 7 km from Las Palmas (in Tafira Alta) there is a botanical garden of about 27 hectares called "Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo" with about 2,000 different plant species. After visiting the island's capital, you will find pleasant tranquillity here as well as very beautiful flora & fauna and, moreover, a great restaurant.

During your stay on Gran Canaria, you are also welcome to visit the following towns and villages - there is much to discover. "Arucas" with the famous rum factory, beautiful parks and a great cathedral. "Agaete" on the rugged west coast, from here you can take the Fred Olsen fast ferry to Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 70 min. "Firgas" with the beautiful "water stairs". "Teror", a very nice small town. "Valsequillo" also really beautiful and situated in the green. I would also like to recommend a visit to "Vega de San Mateo" and "Santa Brigida". If you still have some time left, enjoy a view of the "Bandama Crater". If you want to do the circular walk on the crater rim, you will need about 1.5 hours for the 3 km. You can also walk down, but this is a sporting challenge. The Bandama crater is located right next to the "Bandama Golf Course" of the same name. It is the oldest Spanish golf course and was founded in 1891.

For day trips or weekend excursions you are welcome to visit our beautiful neighbouring islands: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. The ferry company "Fred Olsen", the "Armas" or the airline "Binter" are at your disposal.

I could add many more tips for excursions, but at this point I would like to wish you a lot of fun with the ones already summarised. Enjoy our beautiful island of Gran Canaria. Maybe we will see each other sooner or later when buying or renting a property, I would be happy of course. Stay healthy and cheerful!

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