Energy passport /energy certificate

Important: When selling or renting a property in Gran Canaria, the energy passport / energy certificate will be compulsory since 01.06.2013.

Importiont information for our customers

If you want to sell or rent out your property and do not yet have the energy certificate, please read the following information.

This energy certificate is necessary to be able to sell or rent, the spanish notary's offices take care of it when selling the property.

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Who issues the energy certificate?

The ministry stipulates that an energy efficiency certificate may only be issued by a qualified and homologated technician.

How much does it cost to issue an energy certificate?

The fees depend on the size of the living space and can therefore vary. The costs for the certificate are usually between 70€ and 180€.

Since 1 June 2013, every building, flat and restaurant offered for sale or rent must be certified with an energy performance certificate (certificado de eficiencia energética). This certificate must be available to any potential client. The buyer must receive the original or the tenant a copy. (Real Decreto 235/2013), del 5 April 2013.  

This new law obliges any seller or landlord to present to the prospective buyer an energy performance certificate which provides concrete information on the energy efficiency of the property in question, with the background that this important information can be taken into account when deciding whether to buy or rent. The intention is to give preference to buildings with high efficiency and high energy savings by evaluating and comparing energy efficiency.

The owner is responsible for applying for the energy performance certificate, the associated costs and for registration with the competent authority. Furthermore, the owner is obliged to be able to present the certificate in case of possible inspections by inspectors of the municipal administration.

The certificate has a maximum validity of 10 years. Each regional municipality decides on the conditions for renewal or updating.

By acquiring the energy certificate, the property receives an energy efficiency label, which is valid for the entire period of validity, until the next renewal. The label is a distinctive sign of class classification, and article 12.2 states that the energy performance label must be included in any offer, publication and advertising for the sale or rental of buildings, flats and premises. This means that, as in other European countries where this law has been in force for a long time, the label will become an additional criterion for the property when advertising through estate agents or internet portals.

In this context, reference is also made to the disciplinary consequences according to the current legislation in force on consumer protection and on the certification of buildings.

Questions about the energy pass

If you have any uncertainties or questions about the energy certificate or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.