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Restaurant recommendations on Gran Canaria

My blog entry today is mainly culinary, because I would like to share my positive experiences from various restaurant visits with you. Whether customers, acquaintances or friends, the topic of food and drink is of course a very important one, because whether holidaymakers, residents or Canarios, everyone wants to spend pleasant hours in a pleasant atmosphere and of course be pampered from time to time. However, there are countless restaurants and pubs on the island, so I'll pick out a few, I've probably forgotten one or two great places that would have been just as recommendable. Dear operators, if I have forgotten you of all people, please forgive me. In addition, it should be mentioned in advance that, unlike in the case of a property sale or a rental, I did not receive any commission.

Now I am sitting on the terrace on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, my laptop in front of my nose and thinking about how and with which restaurant, bar or café I could start. After 12 years on the island, I know a lot of good and very good places. That's why I don't want to put any of them in first or last place, so I just let my culinary memories run free. By the way, almost all of them are open, so I recommend checking the opening hours before you visit and possibly making a reservation.

Since we have just been there recently, I like to start with the restaurant "ABRASA" in San Fernando, the quality is really fantastic, I love a good steak from the charcoal grill, whether a super Black Angus steak or a fillet of Scottish beef, the meat selection is large and the hosts are friendly. The place is always clean and excellently run. The price-performance ratio is right in this restaurant, as in all the others mentioned. Let the waiters advise you and be enchanted by the menu. This link will take you directly to the menu selection: ABRASA is located in Calle Secundino Delgado, 5 in San Fernando de Maspalomas.

Continue directly to the restaurant "IL VESPINO VECCIO" in San Agustín, a delicious Italian restaurant in a beautiful ambience, with a large garden and a stone oven specially delivered from Italy, for an authentic Neapolitan pizza. The other dishes are also excellent as well as attractively presented on the plates. Hospitality and cleanliness are a given here, as with all the recommendations that follow. Il Vespino Veccio is located at Calle Los Jazmines, 4 in San Agustín, close to the beach and the Clinica Roca. Let's go to the menu:

In Meloneras, on the dunes of Maspalomas, you will find the unique, original fusion restaurant "SAMSARA". I felt like I had arrived in the Far East every time I visited, many impressions await you. The cuisine has an Asian touch, vegetarians will also be delighted. Even the approach or the walk there is great, because it goes past the impressive palm gardens of the RIU Hotel, the Gran Residencia and the Hotel Palm Beach. Please book in advance, a spontaneous visit will hardly be possible.

My mouth is watering as I write this blog entry, because I haven't eaten much today, but that will probably be of less interest to you, so let's go to the restaurant "SHORTYS" of the Bebensee family in Playa del Inglés, located on Avenida de Tirajana 9. Many people know Bianca, Birgit and Norbert from various episodes of the TV show "Goodbye Deutschland die Auswanderer" (VOX). Not only are the many tapas really fantastic, the menu is imaginative and inviting. Feel right at home in a family atmosphere.

Let's stay directly on the Avenida de Tirajana in Playa del Inglés and stop at the restaurant "ROMEO", it is located in the house "IGUAZU", near the Yumbocenter. A small but fine restaurant, the menu ranges from delicious starters, fish to meat, to calorie-rich desserts. In this restaurant, one of the two chefs cooks personally, he learned from scratch and the guest notices that. Special mention should be made of the daily specials off the menu. To the website:

As long as we are in Playa del Inglés, we stay there, but take the lift to lofty heights, into the restaurant "BOHEMIA", located on the roof of the hotel of the same name at Avenida Estados Unidos 28, very close to the upper beach promenade and La Sandía. With the lift, the prices also rise, this applies to the special cocktails on the roof terrace as well as to the restaurant, but in return you get a very special ambience, the view over the city, beach and sea is basically unique. We like it a lot, even if it's just the refreshing cocktail, the selection of wines here is gigantic.

Do you already know the restaurant "CALMAN CHICHA"? If not, definitely visit it, it's really worth it, fantastic Mediterranean cuisine, with a selection of vegetarian dishes. The plates are almost artistically arranged, not only the many positive reviews on Tripadvisor speak for themselves. Calman Chicha is located at Avenida de Tirajana 4, very close to the RIU Palace Hotel at the dunes of Maspalomas.

In the CC CITA you will find an equally great restaurant, it is called "OLA", no this name does not mean hello in Spanish, but wave. This restaurant also cooks fresh food, so book a table. You are welcome to browse through the menu in advance, just follow this link:

If you like a hearty meal, a delicious knuckle of pork, tasty barbecued spare ribs or a good burger, then visit "PAPA JOE'S", an American diner with a Mississippi atmosphere, in an original replica of a ship's belly. This restaurant is located in the Hotel Maritim Playa, a lovingly run family business. For many years, the Oktoberfest and the beautiful Christmas market have been held there. So we wish and hope that it will be the same again in 2021. Let's stay optimistic!

Do you like fish? For me, the best fish restaurant in the south of Gran Canaria is "RÍAS BAJAS". It is certainly a bit more expensive, but the food is worth every euro. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an outdoor terrace, but I really recommend it. Located in the Edificio "Playa del Sol" directly at the Yumbocenter roundabout, near the mini golf course.

You probably know San Agustín, but are you also familiar with the bay "Playa del Águila"? From San Agustín you can drive over the small hill in about 5 minutes and could visit the restaurant "BAMIRA" in the Calle Los Pinos. Anna and Herbert Eder and their team are guaranteed to enchant you. The two have been running the restaurant since 1990. They do not follow trends, but create a different world of food - freely according to the motto "Bamira Adventure Cuisine". I wish you a good appetite already now.

In between, I would like to recommend two pizzerias. First of all the restaurant "AL CIRCO" in Playa del Ingles, it is located in the "Tinache" on the Avenida de Tirajana, corner Avenida de Bonn. Not only the pizza is excellent at this Italian restaurant. Recently, an Al Circo has also opened in the Yumbocenter. However, they don't serve pizza there.

The pizzeria "QUE PASA TÍO" is also great. This restaurant is also located on the Avenida de Tirajana, near the CC CITA, right next to the Japanese restaurant "SAKURA III", which is equally recommendable.

And here is the link to SAKURA III:

I would not like to forget the two restaurants "TASTE MESON", one in Playa del Inglés on the Avenida de Tirajana 17 and the other with a fantastic sea view in Arguineguín. The special feature here is that they have 350 different wines in stock, but they can also be ordered by the glass and not just by the bottle. They have a technique to get the wine out of the bottle without pulling the cork. Very exciting and delicious at the same time to discover the diverse world of wines. Have fun.


Now I leave the south of the island in my mind and we drive to Playa del Arinaga, many of you will probably not know the restaurant "FARO DE MASPALOMAS". That should change now, because it is located in the old and meanwhile elaborately renovated lighthouse, on a small hill directly on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, a great location! The menu is varied and the staff very friendly, stop by. Incidentally, there are also fewer tourists there.

Now it's getting very posh, because the following restaurant has been awarded a *Michelin star* it's called "LOS GUAYRES", run by Alexis Álvarez, it is known far beyond the island's borders. Let the website inspire you and book a table for an unforgettable evening. Los Guayres is located in Puerto de Mogán in the hotel "Cordial Mogán Playa".

The restaurant "RADISSON BLUE 222°SW" is a true statement,enjoy the spectacular sea view and gourmet cuisine in the Michelin Guide rooftop restaurant. The menu features delicious meat dishes that are creatively prepared. Whether you opt for a seafood platter with typical island flair, a classic meat dish or a vegetarian option. You'll find it at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Patalavaca.

In the north of Gran Canaria, more precisely in "Tafira Baja", you will love to visit the beautiful and authentic restaurant "JARDIN CANARIO", it is surrounded by a green oasis, palm gardens and tropical plants. This is because it is located directly at the botanical garden of the same name. Please inform yourself about the opening hours beforehand and spend pleasant hours far away from tourism.

The restaurant "BEVIR" in Las Palmas is luxurious. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a table there yet, but friends and customers keep telling me about a unique experience. You are welcome to take a few more euros here.

You want an excellent restaurant, with a beautiful sea view in Las Palmas, then take a look at the Hotel Reina Isabel, there you will find the "SUMMUM", as we all know pictures say more than 1000 words, see for yourself:


But now for the really last restaurant tip - for a wonderful time on our sunny island, we are in Las Palmas again, in the restaurant "DELICIOSA MARTA" A top class restaurant, for very special occasions, without a reservation it is difficult to get a table. To get rid of the calories, we recommend a wonderful walk along the city beach "Playa de Las Canteras".

Dear readers, I could go on and on. Whether you are in the north, south, east or west of Gran Canaria, there really are many fantastic places to eat. I hope I have given you some practical tips. Stay safe and sound, and we'll be in touch.
Saludos desde Gran Canaria,
Kai Derichs

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