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Luxury real estate on Gran Canaria

The demand for luxurious real estate on Gran Canaria is constantly present, wealthy clients ask again and again for villas and houses in the upper price segment. Because it is not only about a great living experience in a safe and good residential location, but also about investment and financial investment in all-time popular "concrete gold".

What actually distinguishes a true luxury property?
Well, that's certainly in the eye of the beholder... from my point of view, it depends first and foremost on the location, because through high-quality renovation and remodelling, the respective owner can change and raise the standard almost at will. The location, however, remains unchangeable, which is why it is not uncommon to say "location, location, location" when buying a property. On Gran Canaria there are some high-priced residential areas where the land/property prices have only known one direction in recent decades, and that is continuously upwards. I spontaneously think of urbanisations in the south of the island such as: "Pasito Blanco", "Monte León", certain locations in "Maspalomas", "San Agustín", "Sonnenland" and Playa del Inglés". In Maspalomas mainly around the golf course and in Playa del Inglés above the golf course with sea/dune view. In San Agustín you will find the luxury houses mainly on the hill in "Alto de la Gloria" or in "Calle Los Claveles" or "Calle Madreselva", up here almost every property has a magnificent view over the Atlantic Ocean and the town illuminated at night. There are, of course, other elite residential locations, not least in the north of the island, such as in "Santa Brigida", Las Palmas", or also "Tafira" with the "Monte Lentiscal". At the oldest, royal golf course in Spain, "Bandama", you will also find a large number of luxurious villas and holiday homes for the well-heeled society living or holidaying there. If you are interested in buying a house, please take into account the different climate zones of Gran Canaria, because the north of the island is much cooler and wetter than the south.

What makes a house a true luxury villa besides its special and quiet location?
Of course, the basic structural substance, the architectural realisation - coupled with the use of high-quality materials and building materials - are important. In today's new buildings or core renovations, increased attention is naturally also paid to energy measures and installations. The intelligent house with all its sophistication, including complete control via one's own smartphone, is already part of everyday life in the luxury class. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to like and use it. There are also always prospective buyers who are looking for a rustic luxury finca without electronic "upgrades".

What equipment is usually desired or available?

The majority of property owners want a private, heatable pool with a garden and green areas. This garden area does not always have to be particularly large, but it should be secluded so that privacy is maintained. Air conditioning in all rooms is a common standard today and hardly worth mentioning, as is a locked garage on the property or at least a private parking space in front of the house. Fast fibre optic internet is available almost everywhere, as is satellite TV. Inventory and interior decoration can also be bought here on the island, there are great shops with fancy and sophisticated furniture. For example, "Roche Bobois" in Las Palmas, at Parque San Telmo, "Spazio Hogar", "El Corte Inglés", both shops are also in Las Palmas. You will also find great kitchen studios in the upper price segment on our beautiful Canary Island.

Luxury Broker / Real Estate Agent on Gran Canaria?
Is there a typical luxury broker in Gran Canaria, such as Marcel Remus in Mallorca? Almost every German should have heard of Mr Remus and seen him on German TV. Here on Gran Canaria I personally do not know of any real estate agent or real estate agency that deals exclusively and successfully with the sale of properties in the luxury segment. Almost all estate agents are broadly positioned and offer a wide range of properties, from small flats and bungalows to luxurious chalets with sea views. Gran Canaria offers something for everyone, the public is broadly diversified. The golfer, for example, will find a lot of fun on one of the 7 golf courses and make friends with like-minded people, as will the surfer, hiker or beach holidaymaker. Gran Canaria is more a down-to-earth and safe Canary Island with a feel-good character than a pure party island.

What role does safety play?
Of course, this is one of the most important aspects, although it should not only apply to luxury properties. You can feel really safe on Gran Canaria, but opportunity makes thieves here too. Most properties are equipped with high-quality camera technology, alarm systems linked to the police or security companies, so the owner can keep an eye on the property at all times via smartphone, even when he or she is away.

Perhaps you are also looking for a beautiful property on Gran Canaria, but of course you don't have to have millions in your account. Sun World Immobilien has a wide range of properties on the market, from flats in Playa del Inglés, for example, for €100,000 to a dream villa with a sea view in the seven-figure range. In any case, we look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to get to know the island and the conditions before buying a property, please do not hesitate to contact us about our rental properties, whether for wintering or long-term rentals.

Sunny Sunday greetings from the island of eternal spring,

Kai Derichs


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