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Is there a good winter season 2021/22 in Gran Canaria?

Almost every day I receive similar questions about the current situation on the island on various topics. Therefore, I would like to address some of them in this blog entry:

  • Can you go on holiday again without any problems and move around freely?

  • Corona on Gran Canaria and the general handling of it?

  • Is there still a mask requirement on Gran Canaria?

  • Are the hotels well booked again and have the holidaymakers returned?

  • What about wintering, are there any properties still available?

  • Is it possible to book a rental property now for the coming winter?

  • Have the prices of rental properties or properties for sale gone up or down?

  • Are there sunbeds on Maspalomas beach again?

  • Why are rental cars scarce and more expensive than usual?

  • Are the new kiosks on Maspalomas beach up and running?

  • How did the Winter Pride go and are there any big events again?

  • Where can I get a cheap rental car in Gran Canaria?

  • Have the dunes in Gran Canaria been closed?

Fortunately, beautiful and varied holidays have been possible again for a long time. Since October, almost all hotels have been completely open and there is a great demand from island lovers. Well-known shopping centres/entertainment centres such as the CC Yumbo, various bars, restaurants and excursion destinations offer many opportunities to spend a pleasant time under the Canary Islands sun (despite Corona).

Incidences and hospitalisations are much lower in Spain than in many other countries. This is probably due to the immunisation of the population in the meantime through a high vaccination rate of approx. 85%.

For a long time there was a general obligation to wear a mask in Spain, but this has been abolished for some time. When entering public areas or means of transport, supermarkets, etc., covering the mouth and nose is still required. Of course, Covid-19 is also talked about in Spain and on Gran Canaria, at least I have the impression that this is done much more calmly on the island). We live a lot outside in the fresh air here, not only the pleasant temperatures, the beach, the mountains and the sea are good arguments for turning your back this winter.

In the meantime, there is already a certain shortage of reasonable wintering properties, the demand is very high and the winter season is in full swing. Nevertheless, please ask and we will be happy to look for a suitable offer. Many prospective tenants are already enquiring about the coming winter season 2022/23, however we are currently only able to foresee to a limited extent which properties will be available next year. In January/February 2022 we will ask our current tenants if they would like to rent the same flat, bungalow or house again. The prices are similar to those of the past years, rather a small price increase can be observed, and the prices of properties for sale have definitely risen. Of course, it always depends on the location and the property. Houses, bungalows and flats in Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, San Agustín etc. are still of interest to island lovers or investors. The real estate agencies on Gran Canaria would like to have a more varied offer of properties, well, the market is what it is - with a little patience you will find the property of your dreams, and if you are interested in buying, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much!

Now let's go to the dunes of Maspalomas together in terms of content. As GC experts, you of course know how beautiful it is there, however, friends and customers keep asking about the sunbeds, umbrellas and kiosks on the beach. A few days ago, at least, the sunbeds in Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas were not there yet, but it should supposedly change soon. New purchases for around 400,000€ are planned for 2022. Let's hope so, because my philosophy is always "standstill is regression" and no tourism region can want that.

By the way, the world-famous sand dunes are not closed, as has occasionally been said. Please make sure to stay on the designated paths, for a while there were occasional fines, although the controls have been almost completely scaled back. Dune protection is nevertheless very important.

But what is going on with rental cars on the Canary Islands, some holidaymakers may ask. Unfortunately, they have also become scarce and much more expensive, partly because of the great demand and partly because of the smaller contingent of cars available. When I was recently on the neighbouring island of Lanzarote, there was no car available at all. I don't think it's that extreme on Gran Canaria, though, so check on the internet and compare prices, which of course vary.

The last item in today's blog entry is about Winter Pride / Gaypride in Playa del Inglés, this took place in November and attracted an estimated 30,000 extra visitors who will have spent around 30 million euros. The event was quite controversial, as were the party activities to kick off Carnival on 11.11. There was a lot of partying and the Corona rules were often suspended. I don't want to judge this, but am always happy to see a gradual return to normality. Celebrate, enjoy life but please, stay healthy!

Many greetings from Gran Canaria.

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