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Insurances on Gran Canaria

This is a very important and far-reaching subject area, so I would like to write a few lines about it today.

The questions I am asked most often are usually:  

  •     Do you know a reputable, english-speaking insurance broker / insurance agency in Gran Canaria?
  •     Which insurances are needed after buying a property in Spain or on the island?
  •     What happens in the event of a claim and do I then have to deal with a Spanish telephone hotline?
  •     Are the prices comparable to those in english?

Now I don't have an insurance office and I'm not a specialist in this field, but after more than 10 years in the real estate business and my residence on the island, I have gained various experiences. From my point of view, trust, seriousness and professional competence are indispensable. Of course, this does not only apply to insurers or their agencies, but simply to all industries and trades. My trust and that of many of my customers is enjoyed by Mr Max & Moritz Kneschke, yes, you read that right, Max & Moritz, this name constellation should probably be familiar to you somehow. They are two brothers with law degrees who took over their parents' insurance agency some time ago and continue to run it just as successfully. I can only recommend them, they are competent, serious and very likeable.  

Who likes to spend money on insurance, but it doesn't help, it is very important to protect yourself from penalties and/or claims for damages in the event of an accident/damage, fortunately there are insurances for that, which you cannot and should not do without. After all, you are now probably no longer staying in a hotel or resort, and you will sooner or later swap the rental car for your own car or motorbike.

In Spain, and thus also on the Canary Islands, some insurance laws apply in exactly the same way as in England, among others: for example, motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory and mandatory directly upon transfer of ownership to the new owner.

However, there are also differences, for example, in the scope of coverage of the individual insurance contracts. Thus, in contrast to England, a household contents contract can even include private liability and dog owner liability without an additional premium increase. A household and building insurance policy can offer all-round protection, so to speak: with coverage in the event of a claim not only for the home itself in the event of burglary, water damage, fire and storm, but also for natural hazards, robbery and theft outside the home, or even for bicycles and e-bikes.

Leisure time enjoyment should not fall by the wayside, so if required, insurance cover is offered for your golf equipment, your sports boat or even horse owner's liability.

The subject of health is elementary; it is our most valuable asset, which is why health insurance cover must not be forgotten under any circumstances, especially if we need medical assistance.
especially if we need medical help, we would like to be able to communicate in our own language.
The free choice of doctor, the quickest possible appointment in case of illness for treatments and therapies, early diagnosis, preventive check-ups and much more is made possible by DKV offers in your language. Premiums are significantly lower than in Germany. I have had supplementary health insurance with DKV since 2008 and I am absolutely satisfied. I get appointments with specialists really quickly and I go directly to the private clinic "Clinica Roca" in San Agustín for treatment. Of course, there are many different tariffs with different benefits. The Kneschke brothers will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on health insurance, business insurance, pension insurance, retirement and life insurance.

With many insurance policies, english is still spoken when you take out the policy (often the case in banks), but as soon as you want to report a claim, you are immediately referred to a telephone hotline, where personality and the english language are suddenly no longer available. That is why it is really important to have a reliable local contact person who will visit you at home if you wish and who is committed to you. It doesn't matter if you live in Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, San Fernando, Vecindario, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico or even in the island capital Las Palmas.

I don't write an advertising blog and rarely make recommendations, but if I'm satisfied, I'm happy to tell others. After all, "newcomers" have to spend some time getting their bearings on Gran Canaria and are grateful for sensible, honest reports on their experiences. It was similar when I emigrated in the summer of 2008.

You can reach "Kneschke Versicherungen S.L.U." at the e-mail: or also under the telephone number: 0034-928 145 065.

I would like to add some current photos of the island, which I took on my motorbike tours during the last two weeks. I wish you a good start into the new week and see you soon on our favourite island, Gran Canaria.

Kai Derichs

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